Cover Letter, Resume and Job Description Templates for Housekeeper

Housekeeper Cover Letter Template

Housekeeper is defined as a person, especially a woman, whose job is to organize another person’s house and organize cooking, cleaning, etc. Nowadays, they are identical with a person that you see in a hotel that cleans your rooms and laundry your clothes while you are away. The department itself is called housekeeping department For …

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Florist Price List Template

Florist Price List Word Template

Florist price list template is a Microsoft Word template for putting flower price as reference to any flower store visitors. Say it with flower! Maybe you ever heard that word, aren’t you?! Yup, this word reflects that actually flower is still precious thing in the middle of gadgets attack. Flower still becomes the favorite of …

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Issue Log Template

There are so many things that you need to consider if you have your own company such as using the log in order to track the status of the team in your company. If you have your own company, you need to realize that your company might have some issues that you have to deal …

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Trailer Bill of Sale

If you find some transaction notes Word templates, then you should try trailer bill templates as one of the good solution for the transaction record. It has the simple design with its elegant appearance. The professional design with its easy customize feature will bring you a good Word template on there. This template has been …

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Food Diary Log Template

Maintaining your weight will be easier using this food diary template. You can use this layout for the great solution for tracking what kind of food that you have taken. It helps you figuring out the diet habit of yourself. Many studies believe that tracking your diet habit will enhance your healthy life by maintaining …

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Vehicle Bill of Sale

This vehicle bill can be used as a legal document to prove the transaction between you, as the seller, and the buyer. This bill of sale can be used to any types of vehicle’s transaction. It provides a proof that you have done a transaction before. As for the buyers, they can use it to …

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