Query Letter Template

Query letter is a letter that you make when you are going to submit your manuscript of your book, short story, or whatever you want it to be published by a publisher. To make it easier, let’s say that you want to submit a book. Then you have to make a query letter as a cover letter for your book so the publisher can consider your book as a good book to be published. This letter consists only one page of letter just like a cover letter. It gives broad information about your book and also about you.

Query Letter Template

Below is the sample of a query letter.

January 29, 2017

Chief of Publishing Department
Finest Book Publisher

Dear Sir,

When there is a man who marches along the road, some thieves grab his arms and try to steal his belonging away. However, bad for them, they failed because that man turns into an ugly and dreadful creature, Spiderilla.

My book is entitled Spiderilla: The Beginning. It consists of four hundred pages including the introduction and writer’s biography. It tells about a man named Francis who is able to change himself into a creature called Spiderilla, a combination of spider and gorilla. Although it has ugly appearance, it has a kind and pure heart.

My name is Samantha Barnes. I live in London. I am studying Arts and Literature in college now. This is my first novel though I have been made many writings like short story and poem. Some of them have been published.

I hope you consider my novel and it can be published in Finest Book. Thank you.

Best regards,

This is just the sample of query letter. If you are looking for a simple template that you can start with, you download query letter template below.