4 Useful Price List Templates for Selling Electronic Devices and Gadgets

Gadgets are most common item you can find easily everywhere in any cities. They are attached to people, especially mobile phones. That’s why you can find many stores are selling these devices either offline or online. If you are new to this business, you might want to setup a quick price list sheet that you can share with your visitors. And here are samples of those price list templates that you can use it using Microsoft Word.

Electronic Devices Price List Template

Running a business, especially in a electronic product is not about our way to think about an idea, produce it and make it real. Yeah some people think that way, but there is one thing that we cannot forget which is how to make customer come to us. Doing promotion in a huge budget does not guarantee that our customer will surely choose us than our competitor especially when we cannot provide the easiness for them in our offer.

Electronic Devices Price List Word Template
Electronic Devices Price List Word Template

For customer, price and quality are in the same level. Other people even will think about budget then the quality of the product that they will buy, so we have to help them especially in the information about the price. When the customers enter our shop they will be busy asking about the price this and that, and the electronic price list will make it easier. The price list which is provided by the sales person in our shop or in the desk will give the customers the visual aid about the price in our store. There is nothing more effective and efficient in explaining the prices of our products but using this electronic product price list. The customer will understand it fast, our sales person also can do some alternative offer to another products.

This price list is very easy to be used since we just need to write our store name in the upper part of this price list. Then below the shop’s name, we can write the date when the price is valid. In the column, there are four rows written with the number and the brand of the electronic product that we sell.  Model row consists of the code of the electronic product and the category which the product is categorized such as TV or refrigerator. The specification consists of the product’s feature and the price is written besides it.

Mobile Phone Price List Template

If you have a plan to buy a new mobile phone, you have to find several references. From the reference, you can compare them and choose the best one. There is a simple way for you to note the reference of the mobile phone. You can just classify the mobile phone based on several categories including the price categories

Mobile Phone Price List Word Template
Mobile Phone Price List Word Template

Then, you can just use the mobile phone price list template to recap the information fast. At least, you can rank the mobile phone based on the most expensive one to the cheapest one. At least, by using this mobile phone price list you will have your own data especially if you want to know the mobile phone update. The update price list also helps you to know which type of mobile phone brand which change their price recently because customers love it. The step to fill the form is explained below and you can use it to get the information about mobile phone you need most. At least, you can specify which type of mobile phone you need to buy based on the amount of money you have.

What you need to write down is the name of the store and the valid date of the price. You can make a column and start to list the mobile phone and the price. You need to include the brand, the model, the specification, and of course the price. It is important to mention the brand of the mobile phone. It is a must for you to include the information about the model. The most important thing is writing down the price.

Laptop Price List Template

Nowadays, using PC for internet or doing some business task becomes less simple than using a laptop. Many things make people intend to spend their money in laptop section than choosing what the brand of PC such as the mobility feature, compact package and Wi-Fi technology. However, the popularity of laptop makes many vendors release the similar features and that makes choosing laptop can be so challenging to be done.

Laptop Price List Word Template
Laptop Price List Word Template

Two different laptop brands may have some similarity in their features, but they may have a big gap of price as well. The gap of price can be so meaningful if you have limited budget to shop, and why you have to spend much money if you can get the less one?! Relying on your memory only is not effective because you can forget the price of the laptop that you have seen or you don’t remember where you get the $bla bla laptop. Your memory has a limited capacity to remember recent memories, so why you have to take the risk?

To get the worth price, doing survey of laptop price is so recommended. To help your laptop hunting experience, you should bring this laptop price list with you. This can be your private note to write what is the important features and price of the laptop that you wish to have. Then, you can make a comparison with those notes to get which one is the best for you.

When you use this template, you just need to start from the place where the laptop is sold and its address. Then, do not forget to write the name of the sales officer that offer the laptop to you, so you can get the fast access and her/his contact. Write each laptop brand, its price and its features when you think that the laptop can be one of the candidates.

Digital Camera Price List Template

Gathering together with a big family becomes the special moment in life, or when we are going somewhere with our best friend, that also can be included as the best moment ever. Those moments will just pass by without leaving any pieces of memory if we do not do something such as taking a photo. To freeze the moment better, digital camera is the best choice since it can provide high definition picture, large memory and easy to use operation.

Digital Camera Price List Word Template
Digital Camera Price List Word Template

However, buying a digital camera can be very challenging if we want to get the qualified one. Since the price of digital camera is not cheap, considering the quality becomes very important when we are shopping it. To get the best one, we have to do some market survey, and to help us we need a digital camera price list. It is a list which we can use to take a note which product of camera that becomes the candidate of the best and affordable one. Now we do not need to remember the price and the features when we want to compare the digital cameras that we have seen.  This list is very helpful to use as we can get the best features with the best price, so we will reduce the risk of being regret because the gap of the price.

First we start from the place where we see the product A.K.A the shop’s name. It is very important because after finding our choice, we can go to the shop directly. Write also the name of the sales person and his phone in the column besides the shop’s name. In the draft below, you can write about the brand of the camera, what it has (feature) and its price.