Event Organizer Job Description Template

Event Organizer is a person or a company who responsible to organize any preparation before and during specific event in specific location and time. Big events, like music or exhibition events usually use this party to make sure the event is running well. They will select and arrange most suitable location and time, they will contact any parties who will involve in this event, they will prepare the location with expected styles… basically, they are doing everything.

Event Coordinator Job Description Word Template
Event Coordinator Job Description Word Template

If you are new to this job, either you are working with one event organizer company or starting to build your event organizer business, and need some guidance on general job description of this type of tasks, you can download the free Event Organizer Staff Job Description template below. It consists general job description list as follows :

  1. Schedule regular meetings/coordination with the internal team and the outside partners as well
  2. Plan and prepare the whole thing of an event, making priority and the time table for each preparation target
  3. Gather valuable information regarding the theme of the event, the important preps, etc.
  4. Ensure enough staffs and material for the events; also select the high quality and reliable partners o work with the team
  5. Calculate the budget the event may need for the whole things
  6. Select and negotiate with vendors and related partners
  7. Maintain good contact with the team and the outside event partners in order to make the preparation run well
  8. Supervise the preparation from beginning until the time of event execution; giving suggestion and critics
  9. Do the evaluation in each completed preparatory stage
  10. Manage every detail of event operation; including to give instructions during the event operation

This event organizer job description template is fully editable. You can add, remove or modify written job list in this template. Here is the file.