Issue Log Template

There are so many things that you need to consider if you have your own company such as using the log in order to track the status of the team in your company. If you have your own company, you need to realize that your company might have some issues that you have to deal with. These problems might determine the condition of your company and might decrease the performance of your company. In order to solve these problems effectively and efficiently, using the right tool might be the best solution that you could find these days.

Issue Log
Issue Log

Basically, there are various tools that you could use as problem solving options in your company. However, if you want to get the best results, using log might be the type of solution that you should choose. A log might contain a collection of issues that might rise in specific aspect of your company. This log also contains list of closed and ongoing problems of the projects that are created by your team. You could get the template of this log easily by downloading it on the internet.

Besides allow you to get the best solution for the problems that you have in your company, this log also allows you to order and organize current problems that you have n your company as well. Basically, the log will be blank in the beginning of the project. This blank log then will be filled with the issues that are found by your team. In several cases, this log is also used as guideline to release the schedule.

If you want to use the log to release the schedule, the issues that are filled into the log need to be tagged specifically to be finished in specific dates or time. As the result, the projects that are log guided will be more efficient to be managed in terms of progress estimation and completion time. In larger projects, the problems are usually managed by problems tracking software that will provide different tools and ways to help project manager and development team in handling many problems that might appear.

The template will also give you ideas in creating your own log based on the projects that are created by your team. There are nine columns that could be found on the log that need to be filled with important details such as the description of the problem, the details about the people who are responsible on solving the problems, and the first date when the issues are found.