2020 Calendar Template

2020 year calendar template is a one-sheet calendar template that allows its users to create a yearly calendar using Microsoft Word easily and quickly. A yearly calendar is a calendar that shows all 12 months on a single page, thereby enabling the monitoring of all events taking place in the entire year without needing to turn multiple pages. It is different from a monthly calendar template consisting of 12 pages representing 12 months, bimonthly calendar consisting of 6 pages with each page containing two months, and other calendar templates that consist of more than one page.

2020 Calendar Template for Microsoft Word

The following are reasons why this template is useful.
1. It consists only of one page with all months printed on it. The primary reason why this template is useful is because of its brief one-page layout because All marked events that will take place in 2016 can be monitored without having to leaf through multiple pages.
2. The template uses letter-size paper format that can easily be printed on all types of printer.
3. Despite the compact design of the calendar, the text used in the template is sufficiently large and readable.

What Does the Template Contain?

The elements of the calendar are listed as follows.
1. It contains a clean yearly calendar table with no holiday mark on it. The only marks that appear on it are those provided by the user.
2. It provides editable cells where reminders for specific appointments or events on particular dates can be marked.
3. It contains highlighted table’s headers identifying month names for the year 2016 and days of the week.

This 2020 calendar template is useful because some people, such as executives and students, have to keep track of their schedules, appointments and planned events. A generic calendar has been commonly used for that purpose; however, because such calendar has already had a lot of marks identifying holidays, among others, and especially because not all generic calendars offer a dedicated empty space or area for writing notes, a printed yearly calendar with its unmarked dates and plenty space for writing notes is considered more useful for marking schedules, appointments and events. Besides, by using this template, a generic calendar, whose primary use is to be an instrument for showing the time, doesn’t have to be dirty with ink and pinned notes and memos anymore.

To complement this calendar, you also can use the New Year Resolution template. It will help you create next year plan.

Models of 2020 Calendar Templates

There are two models you can download. One full year in one page version and monthly version. Those templates are plain. No holiday dates. Background colors are white. It will give you a basic template to modify.

One year calendar in One page model:

Monthly calendar models:

2020 Monthly Calendar Template - Model 2

You can create one copy of 2020 calendar template before start customizing it. Once you finished with customization, you can adjust its paper size to meet your printed paper requirement. It can be used as book insertion as well. So, you can always mark important dates while writing in your school books. Just don’t forget to adjust its size to smaller size since it has letter size as its default size.

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