Expenses Claim Form Template

Companies have to provide an expense claim form for helping staffs or employees to recover subsistence and travel expenses. In some occasions, staff or employees must go abroad or visit another city to fulfill their responsibility. During the travel, they will spend money to cover their needs. Because their travel is related to the company’s operation, so a company must cover all the actual spent by the staff when they return.

Expense Claim Form Template

Expenses claim form helps the staff get what they should get after finishing his or her task. By issuing the form, the company is able to know the kinds of expenses which have been made. The expenses claim form must be completed by the employee by submitting the claim, and then it must be checked by the appropriate personnel to be authorized. After it is authorized, the form is sent to the section of Accounts Payable of the Finance Office. The payment will be directly transferred to the bank account of the employee or staff.

On the internet, various types of expenses claim forms are available but basically, it’s all the same. The form will always contain the details of expenses. The form can be downloaded easily from the internet and it is for free. One of them can be downloaded below. It contains general information as stated above to guide you to write it correctly. Your company might require other information to be written. You are free to modify this expense claim form template to meet your own requirement. You just need to play with tables and put your own titles. Or, you can create one template from the scratch with reference to this template.