Rental List Log Template

Rental List Log Template

Some items in your office maybe are not yours. Or, your company has no ability to purchase some important items needed for the operation. If that’s so, renting becomes an ideal option. Renting items from other companies is something common to do with companies or organizations since they need a big budget to buy it. …

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Quotation Template

Quotation Template

This quotation template is a Microsoft Word template to guide you creating your own company quotation template. It has general format that suit any general needs. You can use it as it is but still you need to personalize it to meet your company style and regulation. Different company might implement different format. For a …

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Memo Template

Memo Template

A memo can function as a reminder. We can take an example. A manager of a company gives a piece of paper to his secretary. That paper consists of messages that will be forwarded to a certain person who works in the same office. In this case, people will call that piece of paper as …

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Fax Sheet Template

Travel Advance Request Template for Word

If you hear about fax, what may come to your mind in the first time actually? Fax indeed may become on of methods in how people conduct communication whether to inform or promote something. In this case, you need to know that fax may suit as the way people can send printed information to other …

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Beverage Menu Template

If you visit any restaurants out there, you indeed may judge about the quality of such places by its design and the quality of the menu right? Well, for any of you who have restaurant business, you indeed should find any methods in how to enhance your restaurant quality and reputation among society. Besides you …

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Business Card Template

Having a business card is a must if you are a business executive or an employee. It is very important for you to make people recognize you and your company, and also provide your identity related to your business for a better communication. A business card is a little piece that is very powerful because …

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Issue Log Template

There are so many things that you need to consider if you have your own company such as using the log in order to track the status of the team in your company. If you have your own company, you need to realize that your company might have some issues that you have to deal …

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Trailer Bill of Sale

If you find some transaction notes Word templates, then you should try trailer bill templates as one of the good solution for the transaction record. It has the simple design with its elegant appearance. The professional design with its easy customize feature will bring you a good Word template on there. This template has been …

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Vehicle Bill of Sale

This vehicle bill can be used as a legal document to prove the transaction between you, as the seller, and the buyer. This bill of sale can be used to any types of vehicle’s transaction. It provides a proof that you have done a transaction before. As for the buyers, they can use it to …

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