School Bus Seating Chart Template

If you plan to have a trip with your students, then it will better for you to prepare all the things well. The preparation is not just about where to go and how much budget should be prepared but it must include the small details. Sometimes, small things can give bad effects and of course, you do not want it. What you want to have is a smooth and fun trip.

Bus Seating Chart Template Model 1
Bus Seating Chart Template – Model 1

Unfortunately, sometimes people forget about it. They just think about where the best destination is, what will be done there, how much it costs and many more without considering how if they have some disasters. Yes, if you want to bring students on the trip, then it is better to manage their seats well. You can use a school bus seating chart to help you. The chart is specially designed to help you arrange the seating position of each student.

Your students have to choose the seat based on the chart. You are allowed to give them punishment if they do not want to follow it. The chart is really useful because the trip preparation will run smoothly and you can avoid arguments and other negative things, so the trip will be as well as your expectation.

There are two models of school seating bus chart template you can download. The first model will have bus map with numbers where you can write your students allocated seats in separate file based on their assigned numbers. The second model has empty box for seats. You can write student names inside particular boxes directly. There are six different bus seat arrangement in six separate files. From 1 – 2 seat combination until 3 – 3 seat combinations. If you need more rows, you can insert new seats easily.

Just select the templates that is more convenient for you to set. Personalize it to meet your school style before distribute it to your students.

Bus Seating Chart Template Model 2
Bus Seating Chart Template – Model 2

All Microsoft Word files are zipped into one file that you can download below.