Wedding Seating Chart Template

Wedding seating chart is a simple form where you can put all your guest list in a certain table. In this simple Microsoft word template, you can always have comfortable seats for your guests at your wedding ceremony. In a situation where you cannot have maximum priority for each guest, you can use this simple sheet to make it much easier. In this case, you can actually organize them into a simple sheet where you can put every guest on your list in a certain table. In this situation, you do not have to worry about your guest comfort. You can put your guest with a certain group in one table. In addition, you can have a certain group of guests in different table. In this way, you can completely organize all your guests very well.

Wedding Seating Chart Word Template
Wedding Seating Chart Word Template

This wedding seating chart is very important for you to have a perfect wedding party. It does not matter what kind of table set you have, you can arrange them into a certain place. If you have round table, it is going to be much easier because you can put certain group in a certain table. However, if you are not using round table, you can make a certain list seat. In order to make sure that all of your guests are having a comfortable seat, you can have a seating chart where you can put your special guest and regular guest in certain place.

Here is a sample of a template to plan your wedding seats. It is a simple one. Once you completed its guest names, you can print and put them in respective tables. Don’t forget to have one copy to be put on reception desk so your receptionist can direct your wedding guests to correct tables.

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