Office Manager Job Description

Office Manager is a kind of job that requires the person to cover all related office tasks. It could be vary among offices since there are no fixed duties and responsibilities defined for job. It depends on the scale of companies where they works as well.

Office Manager Job Description Template

Here are several common duties and responsibilities you can review.

  • Arranging filing system of a company
  • Managing various kinds of software that include database and spreadsheet.
  • Developing system of administration and implement it for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Dealing with budgeting of a business and record office expenditure
  • Handling layout of an office and taking control of adequacy of stationary and equipment.
  • Making sure that office is in good condition and deal with maintenance when there is something wrong.
  • Ensuring quality of staffs and providing needed training to get something better for the company.
  • Making report for senior manager about progress in an office
  • Reviewing safety policies as well as health policies.
  • Attending conference and training for the best of a betaking business
  • Overseeing recruitment of new staffs
  • Increasing performance of staffs and disciplining staffs by reinforcing business rules.
  • Delegating work to all staffs in an office and deal with workload.
  • Making sure that all staffs come on time and perform at their best by supervising on regular basis.
  • Responding complaints and questions of consumers
  • Dealing with suggestion of staffs and making improvement in order to create comfortable work environment.

You can modify, add or remove particular tasks in this Office Manager job description template below.