Camping Trip Planner Template

In order to be able to plan a perfect family vacation, the things that you need to have is a camping trip planner. Your camping trip planner should have the basic things that you are going to need and do during the vacation itself. Based on the template, you can see that you need to put a lot of details in the list. In the first part, you need to choose the possible campgrounds that you like . Yes, you need more than an option as your back-up plan. Put the details of location, distance, and cost of each place.

Camping Trip Planner

Then, on the next table, you need to put details of each place and things that you can do there. Whether you want to do fishing, hiking, hunting, or other things, you need to list them one by one. Then you need to plan what gear that you need to bring, starting from clothes, sleeping tools, cooking utensils, food, and other emergency supplies that you might need. Do not forget to list your source of information, starting from guidebooks, internet, stores, and maps. If you are ready, you will have the best vacation that you have planned with the whole family.

You might think that this camping trip planner template has not suit your needs. That’s why it is created in Microsoft Word. You can open it and start customizing it. You can even add your own logo to this template. But, don’t forget to put all important information to make sure you don’t miss anything while you are on camping.