School Bus Seating Chart Template

Being a driver of a school bus is not an easy task to do. Basically, the first thing you should know about this job is how to drive a school bus properly and frankly, it’s quite different that drive the regular car. You also need to know your route properly and could reach your destination within the allotted time. Most school bus driver could choose the fastest route so that they could pick the student based on the schedule. So it’s really important for you to know who should be picked first to save your time.

Bus Seating Chart Template

Other important thing you should know is the seats. Some school buses have fixed seat chart for the students. You could know exactly who sit on the second front row or on the last row. Knowing the seats will help you know the students who should be picked next. So it’s really helpful in order to maintain your schedule. Seat chart will also help you find out the students you haven’t picked up. You need to pay attention to these students since you are responsible to them as long as they’re inside the school bus.

Basically, school bus seating chart comes in five simple columns which described the school bus seats properly. The row of this chart could vary depend on the type of the school bus. Longer school bus with more seats will described with more rows on the chart. Each cell will be numbered so you could know the seat number as well. You have to fill the specified cell with the name of the student who sits on it. You also need to fill the name of the school district on this chart along with your route and your bus number.

There are several models of Bus Seating Chart Template that you can choose. If you can’t find one that suit your needs, you can customize it by adding or deleting rows. You just need Microsoft Word to customize it.

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