Loan Contract Template

Loan Contract Template

Loan contract (or also commonly called the loan agreement, personal loan agreement, business loan agreements, or money lending agreement) is an important document which is better held when the borrowing process runs smoothly. Borrowing or lending stuff is a crucial decision and every party involved is having their own pressures. Therefore this document meant to …

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Contract Termination Letter

Employee Contract Termination Letter for Word

A Contract Termination Letter is also known as Employee Termination Letter, Pink Slip, or Letter to Fire an Employee. It is a document that explicitly explains the reasons why one party proposes to break up an existing business relationship. Things that become the reasons to create a Termination letter are the terms and conditions that …

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Consulting Contract Template

Consulting Agreement Template

A Consulting Contract, also referred to as Consulting Agreement, Business Consulting Agreement, and Consulting Services Agreement, is a contract between a consultant and a client that spells out the terms and conditions related to the type of consulting services that the consultant is going to provide. It defines the scope of the services that usually …

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Sublease Agreement Contract

Sublease Agreement Template

Sublease agreement is used for subleasing your dwelling to a new tenant. This condition is usually when someone has lease agreement in one place but he or she needs to move to another place due to job or other conditions. Sublease agreement can help avoiding double rent paying of dwelling because the existing contract will …

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Tenancy Agreement Template

Tenancy Agreement Template

If you are leasing a dwell such as flat, house, room or you are in residential sharing, you may need tenancy agreement. It is an agreement that manage the rights and obligations between the landlord and tenant during the tenancy period. Other references to name this contract are Short Assured Tenancy, Residential Tenancy Agreement or …

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Rental Contract Template

Rental Agreement Template

Rental contract template will be a guide to the people who want to make rental contract. The rental contract or also referred as lease agreement form or rental agreement is a written contract that will be given by property owner when a potential tenant comes to rent property. This agreement is an important document that …

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