Letter of Intent Template

Letter of intent template will be very useful for those of you who are in a serious negotiation and towards an agreement between two or more parties. Then when you are in negotiations relating to the business and involving others, the better you have a letter of intent before the negotiations leading to a deal. It needs to be done so that the rights and obligations of each party remain protected as well as the solidarity of the relationship between the participants of negotiation. Besides, it is recommended that you have these documents before the negotiation lead to an agreement that both parties understand the limits of their respective expectations.

Letter of Intent Template for Word
Letter of Intent Template for Word

This document is also often referred to by the letter intent, plan to purchase letter, purchasing letter, and a letter of intent to purchase business. But all these names have the same meaning and function as well.

You should use the letter template when:
You can use this document when you are planning to conduct serious negotiations for the sale and purchase activity of whole or only a portion of the company or firm and you are interested formally in stuff of writing. Then, you can also use this document when you are negotiating to buy shares of a company or buy the whole company and you want to keep the seller does not negotiate with other parties when the negotiation with you still on hold.

What does the letter of intent suppose to mean?
This document aims to summarize the whole intention of the two parties or companies who are in the negotiations leading to an agreement relating to the business. Any negotiation you do, whether selling or buying a company or shares of a company, this document is a sign that these negotiations will lead to an agreement, which means that you and the other party is ready to listen to the final answer. Letter of intent template typically includes shares of a company to be purchased, the name of the negotiation participants, validity of contract and approval date, the method of payment, and other clauses relating to the rights and obligations of the two parties.

You will need this stuff to complete the letter
To facilitate the creation and filling a letter of intent template, it will be better if you hire a lawyer. There are some important points that must be considered when making this document because basically this agreement document is somewhat different from other documents.

Below is one sample you can use as a reference.

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