Special Power of Attorney Letter Template

Special power of attorney (Special POA) letter is a special policy that you created to provide authority in the form of personal and financial decisions legally. This power of attorney is executed by an agent or attorney. Special POA usually provide specific limits to the agent to act on your behalf to make transactions or take a decision in accordance with the policy that has been in place since the beginning of the agreement. Here are some things to consider when going making a special power of attorney letter.

Special Power of Attorney Letter Sample
Special Power of Attorney Letter Sample

Special POA does have a special area so you have to make sure the type of power you want to share with the agency. Some of the statements that are specific example are:
– The number and type of transactions
– Account and the type of property
– Type and business policy.

One example is when you want to assign an agent or attorney to handle a sale of business property in a place. Then the agent or lawyer will only act on the power that you have specified. Agent or attorney cannot handle other types of activities outside the general power of attorney.

Every owner or person who will make a special power of attorney must consider the force of law that may occur in the power of attorney.  Special power of attorney will be able to be used after an agreement between the agent and the client happens or signed letter. Note the expiration date of a special power of attorney to be made. You can specify the deadline for a special power of attorney applies. You also can stop the validity period of a special power of attorney by the agreement.

Clients can write or request a replacement agent. This condition is necessary in case of unexpected events such as the main agent of illness or death that cannot execute your special power of attorney. Set the draft document that contains components that stated policies or activities that will be provided to the agent or lawyer. Some of the requirements to be listed are as complete name client, the agent’s full name and date of approval of the document. The function of a special power of attorney is to give legal force to the agent or attorney to act on behalf of the law in the area in accordance with the agreements. This condition will normally be required by all people in all parts of the country. Document approval process should be done before a lawyer or notary.

Below is one Special Power of Attorney Letter template you can use as your reference.

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