Disclaimer Template

A Disclaimer is a document that clearly spells out what client or customer responsibilities are and what are not your responsibilities. A disclaimer is one of ways to protect your business from becoming legally responsible for silly things that other people might do. Being charged for things you are not responsible for might affect your business. It is true that there are people who do silly things in which their actions might cause themselves or third parties to get harmed. If the action is performed in your business area, you probably become the one who is responsible for the action. With a Disclaimer, you can avoid any responsibility that is not yours. A disclaimer is usually used in various areas including in website creation and providing a service.

Disclaimer Template for Word
Disclaimer Template

A Disclaimer must be written clearly and acknowledged by your customer or client. A Disclaimer that is written in small fonts and hidden in document is not effective. A clear written Disclaimer will be easily seen and read so that there is no chance that customer or client does not read the information. To make sure that customer or client acknowledges the disclaimer, you should bring it into their attention. In this case, providing a tick box to be filled by your customer or client is one of effective ways to make customers acknowledged your disclaimer. You might need a process to explain the disclaimer but it is worthwhile because once your customer or client agree with the terms and conditions, you can have peace of mind.

Do I Need a Disclaimer Template?
You may need a disclaimer template if:
•    You are providing a service to your customer or client
•    You are selling a product
•    You are operating an ecommerce website

How and Where to Get Disclaimer Template
Because creating a disclaimer requires skills and knowledge, you might have difficulty to create one on your own. There are 2 ways to get a disclaimer template. Firstly, you may use a free template that is available on many online resources. Secondly, you may hire a lawyer to create a disclaimer for you. Hiring a lawyer enables you to have a disclaimer that meets the legal standard because a lawyer has the knowledge about the law and skills to create a perfect disclaimer. One thing you need to do is to make sure that you hire the right lawyer because lawyer quality significantly influences the quality of services.

Below is one sample you can easily find in internet creating in Microsoft Word. Or, you can read disclaimer in this website as other reference, too.

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