DJ Contract Template

A Disc Jockey (DJ) Contract is a contract between the DJ (for their services) and the client in which the client can be a corporate or an individual. It is made basically to help avoiding disputes in the future because it contains all terms and conditions about the event where the DJ will perform. It clearly explains the rights and responsibilities of the clients and the DJ. Information included in the contract is event information, payment information, setup of the performance, music that is going to be played during the event, and responsibilities for possible damages.

DJ Contract Template for Word
DJ Contract Template

The importance of this contract is to get all the fees in a timely manner and to avoid any unexpected circumstances such as cancellation. If the DJ has signed a contract, they will get the best compensation because this clause is usually mentioned in the contract. For the client, signing it will give an assurance that they will get compensation if the DJ does not appear in the planned event or does not meet the terms and conditions. Whether you are the DJ or the client, creating this kind of contract is a worthwhile.

You need to have a DJ contract if:
•    You are a DJ who is going to perform in an event
•    You or your company is hiring a DJ to provide a musical performance in your event

Standard Clauses to Include in the Contract
•    The Date, Time and Place of Performance – Information when and where a DJ performance takes place should be included in the Contract. The date and time should be clearly mentioned. It should not only mention the performance time but also setup time. A  performance requires enough setup time in order to give the best performance. The place where the DJ must perform should be written clearly including the name of the street.
•    Rates – It must be clearly mentioned whether the DJ is going to be paid per hour or per event. The amount of the fee, how and when the fee will be paid should also be spelled out.
•    Duties of the DJ – This information includes types of music expected to be played at the event, the required work environment, cancellation policy, equipment to perform, and solution to disagreement. These terms will give the best solution to both the DJ and the client when a dispute occurs.

Below is one sample of contract in Microsoft Word you can read to give you a brief view on how to write a contract. But, remember, if you need a more professional contract, you should find a lawyer to discuss or to create one.

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