Credit Card Usage Log Template

If you have a credit card, then the card can be used as a substitution for cash. You can use a credit card in every merchant that accepts payment using cards. But surely the amount of payment that can be used in a month depends on the remaining credit limit that you have.

Credit Card Use Log Template for Word
Credit Card Use Log Template

So in essence there is limitation on how much you can use that credit card. The number of limitation varies, depends on your bank evaluation. If you are a credit card user, then you must realize the importance of credit card use log to control your expenses, especially if you don’t have a good memory to remember all of your expenses that is paid using your credit card. So, that log is useful for an owner of credit card who wants to take full control over the usage of the card. Make sure that you and your family fill it with discipline :).

If you want to get that log, you can try writing a form using software like Microsoft Word. If you are lazy enough to write it by yourself, you can download this template below to be used as your log, or as a reference if you plan to make your own log.