6 Welcome Letter Templates

Welcome letter is a letter that is written for greeting new student, employee, member, client and any people who entering your neighborhood. This letter should make them comfortable to start their first day in your neighborhood. Here are all samples you can use for your references.

Welcome Letter to New Customer
Welcome Letter to New Customer

Welcome Letter Sample from Teacher to Parents

When a school and teacher welcome the student in their class or grade, there is no question that the relationship will not only be built between the student and the teacher but also the teacher and the parents of the student. It is not only the student which should be welcomed to the school in particular grade or class but the parents welcome letter should also be issued for starting better relationship with student’s parent which must be useful for monitoring the development of the children at school. Below is the form example of the letter.

Dear Ms. Jane,

Welcome to the fifth grade class to your child. My name is Mila Radiokova and I will be in charge to teach your child for this grade class. I believe that we will have the year which must be exciting. I have been teaching for 15 years which mean that this is my 10 year teaching at ABC Elementary School. There is great expectation from me that this year should be the year which is filled with fun, learning, frustration, and of course stress. I wait for enjoying new adventure with your child in the education world.

I am from Moscow and I graduated from Moscow University. I choose to teach in this school because I have the calling to part of the hands which help Indonesia to improve the education especially the elementary education.

I hope that this year we can reach the success for giving the best education to the child.

Best regards,

Welcome Letter Sample from School to Parents

Every year, there can be new student in the class which is handled by certain teacher. It is important to build warm relationship including with the parents of student. By sending the school welcome letter to the parents, teacher is able to explain about the curriculum as well as necessity of the student.

Dear Ms. Jane,

We are pleased to welcome your child, Ibrahim Arkansas, to B class of fifth grade. I am really excited about the chance for men to get to know you as well as the parent of the child who will be my student. I am waiting for the school year which is productive and of course happy.

The curriculum areas which will be focused this year are explained briefly on different page added. There are some supply items which should be brought to school before January 10th, 2012 so please have your child to bring the following items.

I have the policy of homework which is associated with homework completion which cannot be over of the deadline. I also have the policy of grading which is depended on the achievement of the students purely. You also should aware about upcoming school events which are explained in the next page. The date should be marked on your schedule so you can make priority to attend the event as many as possible. Question will be accepted with fully delight.

Welcome to the class of fifth grade for our student and I hope we can work together to make the best year.


Welcome Letter Sample from Company to New Employee

Company will approve new employee as part of the team for supporting the run of the company. Nevertheless, we can assure that the coming of new employee will bring great influence to the company progress which must be expected very much. The new employee should be welcomed and introduced to the current team member by making the new employee welcome letter with the form below. It will be useful for starting the warmth team work for reaching better result in every project of the company with new person in team.

Dear Team,

I have known Ms. Jane for about two years when she was in the position of Senior Account Officer in Almond Lemon Bank. I was informed that she was holding the position of Senior Account Officer between 2009 and 2012. The excellent capability was shown by her. She also has shown the ability for handling the some projects overseas. She had achieved the award as the best employee of the year 2010 because of her intelligence, hard work, and enthusiasm. She also has the excellent communication skill which helped her a lot for handling irritating calls. Her great performance was proven by the satisfied customers who sent her with the letter of appreciation.

She is dependable, trustworthy, and hardworking person. She must be great asset for our team and also company. You are able to learn a lot from her rich experience and skill. I hope that she will get the best success of life. I welcome her as Senior Account Officer in our company.

Yours sincerely,

Welcome Letter Sample to New Customer

You shouldn’t underestimate the function of a letter called new customer welcome letter, for as long you are a businessman who running the business. That means you have to put new costumer welcome letter on the radar, in order to establish strong relationship between you and your costumer. Here is a sample of welcome letter that you can modify later.

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the entire staff of Company Inc., I would like to welcome you as new customer of our company. We are very pleased to know that you put the whole of your trust to us.

We pride our company on offering our client excellent and comprehensive service of toy sales. Our client is a priority, so in a matter of moment you became an important part of our success, and we will make sure that you will get the best toy during your visitation. I will be the primary contact for you, so please let me know if you have any question related to our product and service.

You can contact me in several ways:
– Phone : 888-9090
– Email : manager@emailcompany.com
– IM    : manageremailcompany
I will absolutely serve you with the best we got. Enjoy your visit and take your time.


Welcome Letter Sample to Guest

Welcome letter should be written and put on the table afterward so that your guest can feel that he’s being treated with full of warm welcome. In a case like one that we are possibly find in guest house or hotel, for instance, Guest welcome letter will be always placing along with several other source of information, such as map, tourism spot brochure, available car rental, and so on.Here is a sample of guest welcome letter that you can modify later.

Dear Sir,

It is exciting for us to know that you have chosen our service, one of the premium guest house services available in town.
On behalf of the entire staff of Simply Home, I give you a very warm welcome and we are quite confident with our capability, at which our management able to give the best to accompany your holiday season. We serve guests with comfortable amenity and great facility, as in the end we don’t compromising with failure.

Simply Home offering amenities including large room and air conditioning unit in each; great facility and service including free breakfast. You can also ask us for providing car and driver if you wish too. Please let me know in case you require any assistance, or as if you want to put any special request on our receptionist table. You can also put any complaint by contacting me on extension 10010.

Enjoy your holiday. We will absolutely serve you with all the best we got.


Welcome Letter Sample to New Member

People can be a member of gym, car club, or even rail fans club. Being a member of club or gym mean that you already got exclusiveness, as you will be allowed to enjoy many extras which won’t be given to those who don’t registry their name as member. As a new member of club, probably you will also receive new member welcome letter. What is new member welcome letter anyway? Here is a sample of welcome letter that you can modify later.

Dear Sir,

Welcome new member of Simply Gym Center. On behalf of the entire staff of Simply Gym Center, we really hope that you are going to enjoy our exclusive service. As new member, you will get our newsletter, Healthy Life, which is going to send to your address each month. If you are not pleased with physical form of our newsletter, then please subscribe it through our website, Simplygymcenter.com.

Please bookmark our website in order to learn more about types of health service that are provided by Simply Gym Center. We also have Facebook page for our community, namely Simply Gym Center. Be sure to visit both of them, as you are going to receive daily news about our gym center.

We pride ourselves for being a Gym Center that is dedicated to help people achieve healthy life. So much routine training method that has been set up by our professional trainer, and there are also many health supplements that able to enhance your personal health. At the very same time, our Gym owns a very complete line of high quality fitness device and equipment. There are also personal trainers ready to help you accomplishing whatever health mission you got in mind.

I personally hope you will provide time to come to future meeting. Please contact our greeters if you want to meet other members.


To use those welcome letter samples, you can copy and paste it with welcome letter format in Microsoft Word template below. It contains one sample that can be easily replaced with your own letter.