Wedding Gift Certificate Template

Wedding must be one of the most special moments in human life because wedding becomes the event when people announce their life with new status as legal couple in front of the God and also the law. This is the happy moment for every human being for sure so the couple will not forget to invite other important persons in their life to share their happiness in wedding ceremony. The invited person of course will love to attend the wedding ceremony and they will not forget to bless their wedding by giving the prayer as well as the wedding gift.

Wedding Gift Certificate Template for Word
Wedding Gift Certificate Template

Normally people will buy something and it will be brought to the wedding ceremony to be given to the bride and the groom. However, recently wedding gift certificate appears as alternative method for giving wedding gift to the couple after all. There are some advantages which people will get from this certificate after all. As guest, people do not have to get bring big package to the wedding ceremony place which sometimes can be far away. It is also simpler method moreover for them who are super busy with their daily activity. Even people who are not able to attend the wedding ceremony will find this certificate more efficient as wedding gift since they can send it easily.

There are many couples who are wondering about asking wedding gift certificate instead of normal wedding gift since it is more practical and efficient for them to arrange. The gift which is received in certificate form must be helpful for skipping some complicated job particularly when the wedding ceremony is held far from their living place.

There are three different types of templates below that you can download. Those templates also have different wedding pictures that you can replace with your own wedding pictures.