Wedding Event Organizer Contract Template

Many brides are considering for using wedding Event Organizer (EO) for planning their wedding. This is because they are professional and already have experiences on wedding preparation that should lower your tension on preparing your important day of life. But, keep in mind that you may need wedding Event Organizer contract to cover you and your wedding EO interests. So, if any disputes arises in its preparation, both parties can open and read the contract to clarify the situation. It could happen because it involves a lot of people where unauthorized people, even though they are families, can decide or order anything beyond both parties knowledge which could damage the preparation.

Wedding Event Organizer Contract Word Template
Wedding Event Organizer Contract Word Template

You will need this contract if you are bride or groom that hiring the wedding EO to organize any activities and property for your wedding. The other party that needs this contract is the wedding planner that hired by couple or from couple’s family to handle and organize their wedding. If you are a  wedding EO, having this contract will give you the detail clarify for your responsibilities for their couple day, and make sure that you will paid in the time you agree.

In making your wedding contract, you need to write down important information such as couple names, wedding date, the services you are provided for them, signature from the couple, and of course, the cost for your services. When a couple tell you that they are need help in preparing their wedding, the first thing that you need to do is to ensure that you sending your contract within 24 to 48 hours. If you wait for longer time to send your contract, the couples are possibilities to hire someone else. Do not forget to send the contract to your couple after you convert to PDF if you send it by email. When you send the contract by post, do not forget to include for self-addressed envelope to make your client easier to sending back the signed document to you.

If you have time, you can consult with your local lawyer to make sure that your interests are fully covered. Make your own standard contract that reliable for all clients and then you might customize for clients that have specify detail requirement. When you write the contract, deviate any terms that make you are in risk, and as the writer from your contract, you are able to write and shape your wedding EO business. Advice your client that they need to make separate contract with other vendors they use for planning their wedding such as photographer, building and many more.

You can use this rough Wedding EO contract template to understand more about this type of contract.

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