Warehouse Manager Job Description Template

Warehouse managers are a vital part of companies who manage a large quantity of goods in certain warehouses. A good warehouse manager could oversee the efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of a wide range of goods from small until big items, for example household items, electronic parts, vehicles, medicines, etc

Warehouse Manager Job Description Template
Warehouse Manager Job Description Template

They also must synchronize their people with company’s process and system to make sure company’s target are met. Their main job description are usually the same where there are some custom tasks based on type of companies where they are working. Working as a warehouse manager in food company could be different from working at vehicle manufacturing company. Working in a small business company could be different from working in a large scale company. If you want to become a good manager, you must adapt well in every company and follow their policy well.

Below are some of warehouse manager job description you can use as your reference :

1.    Keep an update stock control system
2.    Dealing with customer by telephone, fax, and email
3.    Responding with customer
4.    Coordinating staffs with automatic computerized systems
5.    Fulfill the direction and objective for the headquarter operation
6.    Ensure the quality, budget delivering and environmental objectives
7.    Plan and monitor the storage delivery
8.    Liaising with all customers, transport companies, and supplier
9.    Overseeing and maintain the vehicles, equipment, and machinery
10.    Maintain for standard health and safety for a good work environment
11.    Visiting customer and monitoring the service quality
12.    Lead a meeting program as a team leader
13.    Making regular report and create statistics for daily, weekly, and monthly
14.    Encouraging, organizing, and motivating teamwork and set your productivity targets
15.    Organizing for recruitment and training program for a new staff
16.    Monitoring the performance and progress from the staff

There are many tasks that could be add in this list, and some can be erased if it is not related with your tasks now. You can find a template with those job description below. Feel free to modify to suit your needs.