Waitress Job Description Template

Duties and responsibilities for a waitress could be as little as taking orders and delivering food/drink to restaurant visitors. But, it could be as broad as handling everything in the restaurant. It depends on the size of the restaurant where you are working at and the policy the restaurant owners have created for their employees.

Waitress Job Description Template for Word
Waitress Job Description Template

Several duties and responsibilities you might find are as follows :

  1. Managing dining service
  2. Establishing fine dining for the customers
  3. Taking the order from the customers
  4. Serving the order to the customers
  5. Managing dining reservation schedule
  6. Arranging special parties
  7. Arranging business meeting menus
  8. Ready to serve special dinner by request for the customers
  9. Ready to handle foods properly
  10. Ready to handle customers especially if there is any complaint
  11. Checking the patron’s identification especially for alcoholic beverages
  12. Collecting the payment from the customers
  13. Talking a little bit to the customers about the meals
  14. Preparing the check of the total meal cost
  15. Preparing hot, cold, and mixed drinks for the customers
  16. Setting the tables
  17. Cleaning the tables
  18. Serving the best menu to the customers
  19. Explaining about the menus if the customers asked
  20. Preparing specific meals such as salad, appetizer, and cold dishes
  21. Checking the salt, sugar, cream and pepper
  22. Guiding the customers to their table
  23. Informing the special menus for that day

There are still several item you can find inside the waitress job description template below. You can add, modify, remove the item to suit your daily job in your restaurant.