Waitress Cover Letter Template

Waitress is a name for a female person who usually works in restaurant or cafe to serve its visitors. This is also a kind of part-time jobs which popular among students who want to earn additional income for their living or for paying their school fees. Working as a waitress doesn’t require special skills except communication skills and, of course, a capability to managing restaurant visitor orders. Some restaurants usually open their vacancies by putting a piece of paper in front of their restaurants, while some big or chain restaurants are putting advertisements in newspaper or internet job sites. The latter usually will make you to write a cover letter to accompany your attached documents. You can read one sample below.

Waitress Cover Letter Template for Word
Waitress Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

Please consider my qualifications advertised in Servjobz.com for the position of Waitress in your restaurant.

As a Waitress, I have more than 3 years of experience worked in Best Food Restaurant in New York. I have been elected several times as the best waitress of the month. I am a fast learner and skillful. I can use any electronic devices and I also have a good brain to memorize any orders and remember everything well.

I look forward for the further discussion regarding my experience and opportunity to work in your restaurant. Thank you for your time and consideration.


You can modify the MS Word version below. Feel free to put your own words in this file.