Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate Template

Valentine’s Day, observed on February 14 every year, is always associated with the most romantic day which usually become the day where people give expression of their love to the people they care. The day is also identical with pink colors, flowers, chocolate, dolls, and love logos. You can see it everywhere. And if you turn on your TV, you will see that at least on TV will show you a Valentine’s theme movies.

Valentine's Day Gift Certificate Template for Microsoft Word
Valentine’s Day Gift Certificate Template

And as a romantic day, people usually uses this special day to propose their fiance, to set a candle light dinner with their girlfriend, to spend a day in a romantic beach or hotel, and many more romantic agenda ideas which you can find in internet..

One of the ideas is to give your lovely mate is to give her/him a Valentine’s Day gift certificate which can become a surprise for them. And for people who run a business or do marketing campaign, providing a Valentine’s gift certificate could promote their business, especially if your business are related directly with this day. For example, chocolate stores, doll stores, women fashion business, jewelry business etc. And it could an advantage if you are providing a redeem by phone call with delivery service.

If you are in hurry and have no preparation to create a Valentine’s Day gift certificate, you can use this template below to be used as your reference, or just modify it to suit your business profile.