3 Useful Price List Templates for Fashion and Women Accessories Business

These price list templates are suitable for you who manage a business that related with fashion and women accessories. All of them are fully editable where you can personalize it with your own business style.

Clothing Price List Template

The existence of dress shop is like a mushroom in the wet season: it increases so well and a lot from time to time. The needs of dress for some people lead the dressing outlet, like a boutique, gains a lot of profit these days. However, unfortunately there are so many boutiques face some bankruptcy cases because they cannot reach the targets that are applied. This can be handled with different treatment related to the price.

Fashion Price List Word Template
Fashion Price List Word Template

Maybe you never know that running a boutique or dress atelier is not just providing the latest trend only, but also how to make an organized shop. When your customers enter your shop just because they are attracted by the clothes in showcase, you only have several minutes left to make an offer. If the clothes on display fail to attempt your customer, dress price list can be used to make an alternative offer. Your customers will see another thing that may fulfill what they hope. You or your sales officer will be easier to explain about the service of the shop. Besides, the price list will be a treatment to show to your customers that the shop which they are entering is a professional and organized shop.

You will not find any significant difficulty while using this dress price list. The first column is the place for the shop’s name and the date is written in the below side. Use a code to make your stuffs more organized and they can be easier to be found. The code of the clothes written beside the “number” column, the product name, which is consists of clothes’ brand, written will follow. Don’t forget to give explanation about the kind of the clothes in “category” column and its price.

Women Accessories Price List Template

In setting a business in accessory, the more you generate the sale, the more stuff that you will have within the collection. You will have more than just simply necklace or ring to tell. Different item will need more detailed information. This will help you to prevent any problem related with the pricing that is applied on the accessory. Forget about the exact price or simply misplaced the wrong price will be a real hit both for you and your potential buyer. Giving too low price will let you to get potential lost. Meanwhile, for any amateur buyer who buys too high for the accessory may think that you run a dishonest business.

Women Accessories Price List Word Template
Women Accessories Price List Word Template

The accessory price list also will help you to make a strategic financial planning. Knowing the quantity of certain item will let you to judge the customer interest on the item. It will also let you to analyze why the sale is quite high in demand or simply hard to sell. You can also use it to make a plan in the next discount event. Putting different level of discount on different item will means that you need the exact old price and quantity that you have.

On the accessories price list, you can start with number and the code for the item. To ensure that the right code and item is set, be sure to fill the description. You may note other thing in the description column. You will also need to fill in the quantity for each item and the price for the item. The six columns accessories price list hopefully will support your business.

Perfume Price List Template

Open your own stores might be the best way for you to earn more profit. Many people decide to open their own store and sell their product directly to their customers. There are so many options that could you choose about your store, its concept and what would you sell in the store. You could open a book store and offer your customer various type of book or you could even open a perfume store where your customers could get any type of perfume they need.

Perfume Price List Word Template
Perfume Price List Word Template

If you want to open a perfume store, there are some important things you need to notice. You need to have the proper knowledge about perfume so that you could answer every question from your customers. You have to display your perfume properly and could serve customers that would like to try the perfume. Other important thing you should have is perfume price list. You need this list because it’s impossible for you to put a price tag on your perfume bottle. On the other hand, your customer will be more comfortable if they could choose the perfume they want from the list.

Perfume price list could come in various forms. You could create a simple list with columns which contain the brand name and the price of the perfumes. If you want to be a little bit different, you could create advanced price list where you could put the picture of perfumes’ package along with their brand name, the quantity and also their price. With this advanced price list, your customers will be more convinced because they could see the picture of the product on it.

If you are running other business that are specifically stated in this post, you still can use and modify downloaded templates to meet your own needs.