Training Schedule Template

Holding a training course has an essential role to enhance the productivity of human resources in a company. Through this kind of learning program, your employees will be able to perform better. Usually the training is held to introduce new technology which may take not only hours but also days. Therefore, it is important to arrange the schedule in order to organize the delivery of each subject.

Training Schedule Word Template
Training Schedule Word Template

Arranging the training schedule should not be that complicated. You do not need a certain program to create something extraordinary. The schedule list can be made using MS Word. The most important thing to do here is to list each activity during the training program period. You can make it for daily scheduling. Make three columns for Period, Description and Trainer. Do not forget to give the title at the top of the schedule, the name of the training program. Insert some rows based on the planned session. After completing the schedule listing, you are able to place it at strategic area like announcement board and training location, so the participants can see.

It is very easy to create the template for this training schedule. It is also possible to download the free one and do some modification. If the trainer for this course just one, you can have the two-column schedule template and simply write down the name of the trainer at the top of the table. If you don’t know where to start, downloading this template could help you. It might not suit your needs but it will give you a guidance on how to start creating your own schedule. Especially if you have a specific training topic and specific schedule.

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