Training Certificate of Completion

Everyone of course understands that in this modern world, the world is moving so fast with new development in every aspect and there is no question that people need to adapt with this super-fast development if they want to live with the proper life in the future. In fact, many people realize very well that they need to prepare their selves with proper education background and skill for finding the job but of course the good education background is not enough. Sometimes whether they already have a job or not they need to improve their selves with new knowledge and professional skill and it will provided by some training organizations.

Training Certificate of Completion Template

The training organization of course will have different field to handle for giving the training with specific skill improvement to people including the professional. There must be many people who join the training and they expect certificate of training completion as proof of their improved skill for sure. It must be tiring if the training organization have to made the certificate again and again but it is so much better when they are able to find the Training Certificate of Completion template which can be used by adjusted some columns.

The certificate template includes the place for training organization and also the title of training course. There is also line for trainee’s name as well as the training type which she or he takes with level and point information for the completion success. There is also line for the sign from the organization trainer or official after all.

If you don’t want to print one by one or if you don’t want to type and save every time you want to print the certificate, you can use mail-merge features from Microsoft Word. You can also combine your training participant data from Excel to be printed in Microsoft Word at once using that feature.