Storekeeper Job Description Template

Different stores will have different job descriptions for their storekeeper employees. It depends on many factors, such as type of stores, size of stores and type of products being sold. The job of a storekeeper could be as simple as standing near the product showcase and serve customers who asking about that product or it could be as complicated as managing sales and inventory of the products.

Storekeeper Job Description Template for Word
Storekeeper Job Description Template

These list below are several samples of store keeper job description,

  1. Conduct maintenance to the store whether in the aspect of function or simply arranging the orders of any incoming stocks or any available products on the store. Any store keeper such make sure any store activities run well
  2. Keep up the records of products and inventories of the store. Any good store keeper must really know how to handle the inventories of the store.
  3. Receive deliveries of new products and make sure that all of such products are in appropriate orders.
  4. Issue supplies as per the demand of any customers and also to be able to maintain any payment history of the transaction.
  5. Maintain the budget of any expenditures and to be able to report the store finance condition to the manager.
  6. Store any products received in appropriate places in order to avoid any wrong placement of the products. Store keeper also requires being able to store well any products within the store to avoid problem such as the wrong placement of the products.
  7. Report to the supervisor of the store which is related to next orders that customers may made.
  8. Conduct monitoring and functioning to all equipments and products of the store. If there are any errors, store keeper should report as soon as possible to the supervisor.

There are still plenty of duties you can write in a storekeeper job description template that you can download below, created using MS Word, which already filled with the above samples.