Statement of Compliance Template

In business, there are times when you need to build partnership with other companies. It is not a merger. It is just a mutual friendship with the ones who have the same goals. Your company may have specialty on certain subjects and to complete a project plan, you need to look for help from other specialists. Of course, you can’t take any company to work with. You have to select them.

Statement of Compliance Word Template
Statement of Compliance Word Template

Statement of compliance form will be a supporting tool to know whether a company has the exact specifications you need to work with. There are many aspects to consider. They include financial reports, technical specification and other related documents. The statement of compliance is a form where you can list the needed things that other companies have to own. It can be done simply on MS Word by using the Table feature. There will be eight columns labeled as SoC Number, Compliance, Reference, Availability, Activities, Responsibility, Included in Pricing and Remark from left to right.

The statement of compliance sheet, however, can be created with various designs. It depends on your business or product evaluation scales.  The more complex your products the more item you can put inside your compliance sheet. And it is a must, since skipping on one tiny item could be fatal, especially if the products have been released to market. You don’t want to spend extra expenses for product recall, right?

The listed specifications will vary too based on your requirements. The sample above can be used as a reference or you can simply utilize it after downloading for free from the internet. Working with the right company who has the exact things you need is not only beneficial in money and time investment, but it also affects the project success.

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