Security Guard Job Description Template

What you have in mind if people are talking about security guard? You will imagine a person with a big body, wearing uniform, and bringing self-defense equipment, and no smile on his face. It is not exactly true, because it depends where they are located and what kind of person or things that they have to guard. If they are working to guard prisoners, probably you are right. But, most of them usually working to guard stores, banks, offices where they have to be friendly with visitors.. but still they are usually using uniform to differentiate them with other employees who work at the same companies.

Security Guard Job Description Template for Word
Security Guard Job Description Template

Below are general duties and information related with security guards:

  1. Have very good comprehension toward the company regulation and rules
  2. Comprehend all parts of the building and recognize all the company/institution’s elements; from the employee, the directors, managers, even the partners of the company/institution
  3. Direct the traffic around the buildings
  4. Monitor all security systems, such as the CCTV, gates, metal detector, alarms, etc,
  5. Perform careful and precise inspections on vehicles and packages coming into and out of the company/institution
  6. Take notes of every single daily activity related to security
  7. Prepare the security report if asked
  8. Record and solve the security incidents
  9. Control the use of electricity in all parts of the buildings
  10. Understand emergency security procedures and have skill to apply them; such as in fire cases
  11. Perform regular patrol in each duty-day

You can typing more item in the file below. And you can also erase irrelevant job description if you find several item which are not matched with the job in your company.