Security Guard Cover Letter Template

This is a security guard cover letter template that you can use as one of several references that you can find in internet. Remember to write only positive but brief information regarding yourself in this cover letter to make sure that your new employer will open and read your attached personal documents.

Security Guard Cover Letter Template for Word
Security Guard Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

I submit this letter in order to apply for a position of Security Guard as stated in job vacancy your company advertised three days ago. I am here writing the application because I am sure that I can fulfill the job requirements you have displayed.

I am a hard-worker who had gained my over three-year professional working experience as security guard. With these experiences, I believe that I will be able to pass your expectation of good security guard. I have an excellent communication skill as well as the customer service. Moreover, I am also skilled in Japan traditional defense art, Aikido; which I am sure will be an additional positive point for me.

I am enthusiastic to have further talk with you about his security guard job. Please call me at (999) 333-0000 if you need to have discussion with me.  Thank you for your consideration. I am happily looking forward to hearing your respond.


There is a Microsoft Word version that you can download and should ease you writing your own letter. Remember to erase or replace the unused or irrelevant information in this template or your employer will get confused.