Secretary Job Description Template

Secretary is a type of job that usually most people can apply with variety of education background. Handling administrative tasks and managing their boss schedules are type of duties they have to fulfill every day. Eventhough these duties can be handled by both man and woman, secretary is always being associated with woman. Maybe because bosses are usually male where they prefer to delegate those administrative duties to female person. If you are new to this position, you can use this secretary job description template to write down your duties.

Secretary Job Description Template for Word
Secretary Job Description Template

There are job samples inside, as you can read below.

  1. Prepare and organize reports, documents, and correspondence
  2. Schedule meetings, attend, and take notes on each meeting
  3. Communicate with other company partners, like travel agency
  4. Maintain and implement office systems
  5. Arrange appointments among departments in a company and with the other partner as well; make confirmation about them
  6. Help preparing external and internal events
  7. Handle incoming and outgoing posts
  8. Maintain filing system and develop it if necessary
  9. Liaison with both external and internal contacts
  10. Coordinate information externally and internally
  11. Provide information for internal or external necessity
  12. Compile, store, and manage important documents
  13. Manage the equipment and stationary things
  14. Implementing and supervising the administrative procedures in the company

You can select the most suitable one or you can delete it all and write from the scratch. Don’t forget to complete other information to make it as your official job description document.