Sales Representative Job Description Template

This is a sample of sales representative job description that you can use as a reference about what kind of jobs you will get if you have been assigned as a sales in certain company. Selling most wanted products could be an easy jobs where you don’t have to explain more to people, but selling specific products where the market also niche could be a challenging task. If you can sell those, you will have no problem on selling other hard-to-sell products and you can easily accepted in any companies or stores.

Sales Representative Job Description Template
Sales Representative Job Description Template

Depends on products that you sell, the main job for every sales is to sell any products. But, there are also several administrative and planning tasks you have to fulfill to make sure that you are following your company’s policy. Below are some them.

1.    Being responsible for the whole sales activities taking place in the company of certain assigned region
2.    Compose action plan also schedule in order to identify the sales target as well as to make projection
3.    Do the follow up actions for every result coming from the field
4.    Make presentations, sales contracts, and proposals
5.    Analyze the sales prospect
6.    Create improvements on product knowledge and sales material; maintain the existing ones if they are still relevant
7.    Keep recent customers/clients in good contact
8.    Establish relationship with new client or customer
9.    Prepare sales reports
10.    Communicate every new product and/or new service strategy to the company staffs, including the compiled feedbacks, any sales development, and the other necessary information
11.    Take part in any marketing events in the company, or represent the company on similar events held by the partners
12.    Maintain and activate contract services through paperwork
13.    Discover and make identification on client concerns; and resolve them later
14.    Update customers’ database
15.    Evaluating marketing strategies
16.    Record the orders, coordinate the delivery/shipping
17.    Do other marketing jobs as assigned

There is a Microsoft Word version you can download and customize based on your company situation.