Sales Commission Agreement Template

An agreement or contract between the employer and employee for job paid on commission is called sales commission agreement. It also has other terms for this kind of documents such as commission agreement, commission contract or commission sales agreement. This contract can be created since there are many ways to pay the employee such as on salary, by the hour or based on commission. When it comes about on commission paid, it is important to sign this contract before start working because it will guarantee the policy as well minimize misunderstanding in the future between the employee and the employer.

Sales Commission Agreement Word Template
Sales Commission Agreement Word Template

For both employer and employee, knowing about this document is very important especially when the document will be signed. Evaluate every article, especially for the employee. Here are the details when to use the document.

• For the employer, when recruits new worker who will be paid on commission whether it is in part or in whole, the document can be used in order to be able to set down obligation and right of everyone.
• If someone is employed and he or she wants to ensure the rights and obligations are well documented in the case when the employer does not provide the sales commission contract.

Points Should be Included in Commission Agreement

• Employment: this point will mention about the employment position of someone. The right and obligation in contribute toward the company as well the service for the company to perform.
• Best Efforts of Employee: contains the agreement from the worker to perform as what expected by the employer.
• Employee’s Compensation related to any rewards for his or her contribution and role in performing duties or increase the profits of the company.
• Commission Payment will mention about the percentage of commission that deserved to receive by the employee besides the time of payment.

The document underlines the terms of employment and compensation so every party understand what to do or expect in the future. The agreement will contain the points of work contract details. Every article will involve both sides’ purpose and expectations. It will also protect the business in formal terms if there is misunderstanding case besides the details of percentages in salary and commission to receive by the employee. The expected performance from the employee towards the company besides the employee’s rights and obligation when he or she is under the employment contract with the company must also be written in details.

Below is one sample of that sales commission agreement for your reference.

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