Reserved Sign Template

If you are running a restaurant or cafe business, you might need this reserved sign template for your customer reservation purposes. It is common for people to book one or several tables for their individual or group events, or just for eating at specific date and time where they have to make sure that they will get their seats in their targeted restaurant. When a book is made, restaurant manager must prepare specific table and put a reserved sign on the table to make sure new restaurant visitors don’t sit on that table. If you are running a restaurant, your tables might be booked for breakfast meeting in the morning by nearest companies, then you might get other bookings for lunch meeting. Parents with kids could also book several tables for their child’s birthday. And many more reservation purposes can be made by people which will make you to put a reserved sign every time one booking is made.

Reserved Sign Template for Word
Reserved Sign Template

Beside putting it on top of restaurant table, you can hang or stick it on your reserved room. You might need it, for example, if you are managing several rooms, like office/meeting rooms where people has to book before using it at specific hour, or studio rooms where people usually book it for music exercises. And there are plenty of business purposes that might need this custom reserved sign template.

This reserved sign template is a simple template created in Microsoft Word. With it, you don’t have to create your own. All you have to do just to modify it, for example add your restaurant/cafe logo, print it and then put it on your restaurant manager drawers for easy pickup. You can laminate it, to keep the sheet cleaned. The picture that you see above is the first model of the template. There are additional two models you can download and personalize to meet your needs. You can change its background by using Microsoft Word page layout menu or just delete background image and replace it with your own picture.

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