Receptionist Job Description Template

When people are talking about receptionist job, they will describe it as employees which are working behind a front office desk where they have to greet their company visitors or answers any incoming phone calls. In reality, it is not the only job. For small companies where they don’t have frequent visitors or incoming calls, a receptionist should do some administrative or clerical tasks. For example, sorting and distributing incoming mails, making coffee to visitors etc.

Receptionist Job Description Template for Word
Receptionist Job Description Template

Some of duties and responsibilities which might be handled by a receptionist are :

  1. Welcome, assist and direct visitors properly
  2. Check the visiting form fulfillment, guide visitors in doing this guestbook filling
  3. Receive phone calls, direct them to the right recipients
  4. Provides information to guests and staff in person or by phone
  5. Monitor the visitors assets as security awareness
  6. Send and receive messages through all communication devices including fax machine and telephone system
  7. Make quick responds to the phone calls or received emails
  8. Operate computer as well as using internet technology properly
  9. Maintain general filing system, sort and record mails properly
  10. Set schedule and plan meetings, appointments and conferences
  11. Checking availability and booking the conference room in the office, at hotels or business center buildings
  12. Monitor and maintain inventory supplies in the office, including the responsibility to order next stuff
  13. Arrange the time and contact the specialists for equipment maintenance and repair
  14. Type, scan, copy documents
  15. Offer secretarial support to executive staff

There are more item that you can find in a Microsoft Word file below. You can modify this receptionist job description template to suit your real job in your company.