Price List Templates for Selling CD/DVD and Blu-ray Movies

In this post, you can download and use price list templates for selling CD/DVD and Blu-ray movies. They are created in Microsoft Word and you just need to open and modify it for your purposes.

CD Price List Template

Do you run a CD retail store? Since most people have left the tradition to play conventional cassette on their tape recorder, the sales for CDs get increasing. Well, of course you can’t compare it with the popular method to search for free mp3 files on the net. But still, many people want to keep their CD player running anytime they want to.

CD Price List Word Template
CD Price List Word Template

Is your CDs store always crowded? Do you want to always serve the customers better? If it about the easy cost checking, you can utilize CD Price List. You may have stored all data related to the each CD on a retail computer based program. However, there are times when you want to have easy to use data without spending time to log in the system. Customers also want to do the quick searching to the wanted CDs. Besides the price, you will be able to add more information about each CD. It depends on your needs. The price list can be displayed at strategic area close to the related rack where the listed CDs available, so customers can check it before the buy one or two.

It is a piece of cake to obtain the CD Price List template for free. The designing can be simply done on Ms Word. It will also contain of at least 8 columns. They are including number, code, album name, singer, category, producer, release year and price. For the rows, it will depend on the number of CDs to list. The design of template can be customized according to your preferences

Blu-ray/DVD Movie Price List Template

Even though the existence of cinema has gained popularity in all over the world, but people still love to sit down in front of their television to see their favorite movies. We are not talking about watching television, but watching a DVD movie. DVD still has special part in the heart of movie lovers since they can enjoy the movie in their comfort zone with their beloved one, besides the price to see a movie via dvd player with 10 people is cheaper than buying cinema ticket for 10 people. This makes DVD or Blu-ray business can give many profits.

Blu-ray Price List Word Template
Blu-ray Price List Word Template

For those who are planning to open the business of selling DVD/Blu-ray discs, using a DVD/Blu-ray price list can be very helpful to accommodate the costumers. When they enter your shop, they will hope for easy and comfortable shopping experience. Checking the title of the DVD will make your customer annoyed to die, not mention the wasting time action that your staff will do. By showing the dvd/BluRay price list which consists of the name of the movie, release year and the price, the customer will be so helped and they will be happy to shop in your store. It is a good thing to show the amenity of the service in your shop.

This DVD/Blu-ray price list consists of seven columns. The first one is the place for the name of the shop and the date will follow it. The date shows when the date is applied. Then, the big table consists of the code of the DVD. Code is used to make the searching process faster. The name of the movie and its category are written side by side. For specific information, the name of the movie’s producer, its release year are written besides the “price” column.