Prep Cook Cover Letter Template

Prep cook is position which related with junior chef or a person who usually help senior chef preparing foods for restaurant visitors. This is a position which usually have to be passed by those who want to become a chef. And how to start becoming a prep cook? Start by applying for that job if you think you have enough experience and skills in those fields. Below are cover letter sample that you can use to inspire you writing your own letter.

Prep Cook Cover Letter Template for Word
Prep Cook Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

Based on job vacancy of prep cook advertised on BBB.Com, I really would like to apply for the position. Good skill and knowledge on cooking is what I have to offer and it will be my potential to suit the vacancy the best.

I have ability in working under pressure, be it working individually or in teamwork. My health is at good level and I also have good problem-solving abilities that will be something good to job position of prep cook. I certainly have various kinds of cooking skill ranging from excellent knifing to desert preparation. Each of the skill will make me the professional who are ready to assist senior chief.

I look forward to hearing from you about an interview by which I can explain more details of my potential. Thank you very much.


If you need a MS Word version of prep cook cover letter template, you can download the file below. Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.