Paralegal Job Description Template

If you want to apply a paralegal as your first job after graduating from your law school, you can read several duties and responsibilities below. It could less or more duties assigned to you depending on the company where you are working at.

Legal Assistant Job Description Template for Word
Paralegal Job Description Template
  1. Undergoing legal research. As a matter of fact, researching is the most important task a paralegal has to carry out. The research will helps a lawyer to deal with law case since the output can be preceding cases, court decision and so on.
  2. To draft legal document. Many kinds of document a paralegal has to draft such as separation agreements and mortgages. The task will depend on scale of a law firm.
  3. Carrying out investigation. Authenticating or validating information is very important in a case and this matter can be effective when a paralegal investigates a wide variety of things available in a case.
  4. Taking time to interview witness. Testimonial of witnesses is something critical in legal case. Due to many works that a lawyer has to do, this job sometimes will be delegated to paralegal.
  5. Handling administrative duties. Without a doubt, there are many kinds of administrative matter you will come across in a law firm. Ranging from sending email to clients to receiving invitation from courts, all of administrative matters will be handled by paralegal.
  6. Preparing case in a court. A paralegal usually has a job of making legal arguments, closing statements as well as court pleadings. All of the tasks need skill and good knowledge.
  7. Dealing with queries and complaints from clients in order that a law firm can give the best thing when it comes to providing legal help.

You can modify this duties and responsibilities to match paralegal job description in your company. Just download the Microsoft Word template below and start your customization.