Internal Memo Template

Do you still write memos to give instructions to your people in the company? In today’s business, it seems to be an old fashion method to share and deliver commands through a piece of paper called memo. There has been more advanced communication technology like telephone and even internet can be used by a company to connect each department. However, since the verbal communication may potentially create misunderstanding because of the wrong spelling, the used of memo is still critical. Each word will be able to be written right. It will minimize the risk of wrong message delivery which will appear more serious problems.

Internal Memo Template

Just like its name, Internal Memo is used for internal communication. It can be between a director and manager to their people. This memo can be delivered information from one department to another. To keep look professional, the designing and printing should not forget about the company logo. The placement can be anywhere on the memo paper. Besides delivering information, this formal memo can be documented too as supporting files. Therefore, it needs careful thought about the uses. The memo is only able to be used for professional message delivery.

It is quite easy to create the memo. You can even obtain the template for free from the World Wide Web. It can be simply designed using Microsoft Word. The information written on a memo will cover destination and source of message. The date has to be mentioned too. Almost like a small letter, there will be special space where the message can be written.

Internal memo template that you can download below is a general one. It might fit your needs without any modification. Feel free to modify it since it is a free template.

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