Office Clerk Job Description Template

Office clerk is a type of job who is doing everything. Their duties and responsibilities are vary based on particular company’s needs. Sometimes, they have plenty of tasks and sometimes they just need to work on specific tasks.

Office Clerk Job Description
Office Clerk Job Description Template

Below are samples of office clerk job description.

  1. Answering telephones, directing phone calls and taking messages.
  2. Compiling, copying, sorting and make file records of the business transactions, office activities as well as other activities.
  3. Completing mail bills, checks, contracts, policies and invoices.
  4. Collect, count and disburse money, do the basic bookkeeping as well as completing the transactions in bank.
  5. Prepare the agenda of meeting, attend to meetings and record and transcribe in minutes
  6. Typing, formatting, proofreading and editing the correspondence and the other documents from dictating machines or from notes by using the computers.
  7. Operate the office machinery such as the photocopiers, printers, scanners, fax machines, personal computers and the system of voice mail.
  8. Reviewing the files, records and also other documents in order to get information to respond to the requests.
  9. Processing and preparing various documents such as the expense reports as well as the business or government forms.
  10. Computing, recording and then proofreading the data and other information like records or the reports.
  11. Opening, sorting and routing the incoming phone calls, answering the correspondence and then preparing the outgoing mails.
  12. Maintaining and updating filling, mailing database system and inventory manually or by using a computer.
  13. Maintaining and ordering the supplies and services for inventory of the office.
  14. Monitoring as well as directing the lower-level clerks.
  15. Delivering messages and run errands.
  16. Communicate with customers, employees as well as other individuals in order to answer questions, explain information, taking and address complaints.

Since office clerk job duties are vary, you can modify above samples with your current duties.