Motorcycle Bill of Sale

After you buy a motorcycle, do not forget to ask for Motorcycle Bill of Sale.  This sheet can be used as a prove that you have made a contact with the seller. By having this motorcycle bill of sale, you will not get stuck in a problem later on. In this sheet, you may find the name of the seller and the name of the buyer. Both parties have to fill the bill with the correct personal identity so that there will be no fake data found in the bill.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template for Microsoft Word
Motorcycle Bill of Sale Template

Sometimes in the Motorcycle Bill of Sale, you will find the objective of the sale. Make sure you fill it with the most possible reason so that it will not lead you into complicated problems in the future. The example of the objective of sale is to improve the income or to achieve the goal that you have. You can just fill the objective of sale with anything that you like as long as it is on the right track.

Motorcycle Bill of Sale should also provide some information about ownership so that you as an owner of the motorcycle will have an evidence for your ownership. In the sheet, you may also find warranty for the product that you buy. The information about warranty is very useful so that you will know how long you can get the warranty from the product that you buy. In addition, there is information about disclaimer that you can find here. Finally, do not forget to put your signature as a buyer and the other party’s as a seller on the motorcycle bill of sale paper sheet.