Microsoft Word Templates

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed and distributed by Microsoft corporation as part of Microsoft Office Suite product. This word processor has been one of the cornerstones of Microsoft’s success until now.

Based on information found in Wikipedia, the first version was released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. It was the time when Wordstar was still ruling word processor software. But, backed with Microsoft future vision, this Microsoft Word software is finally topping all its competitors to stay on top of Word Processors marketshare and contributes great success for Microsoft Corporation.

Since 1983, Microsoft Word was developed continuously to fulfill its customers satisfaction. In year 2010, Microsoft released the latest version of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Word 2010.

Now, Microsoft Word remains the most popular word processor on the market for all common consumer operating systems. The most significant competition now comes from open source alternatives, i.e Open Office Writer. But, Its maturity will keep Microsoft Word enjoying its position in Word Processor Software market.

Following its growth, there is a need for ready-made microsoft word templates where people can download and do a little modification to fulfill their job or school tasks. There are several sites that provide free templates, and this site is one of the biggest templates site where you can browse and download your templates which suit your needs.