Medical Assistant Job Description Template

If you are planning to work as a medical assistant and looking for a Medical Assistant job description to give you some description about the job you will do every day, you can read several of those job descriptions here. Different hospitals will give you different kind of tasks, but the primary task will remain the same where you have to support any doctors on doing administrative or clinical tasks and procedures with the patients.

Medical Assistant Job Description Template for Word
Medical Assistant Job Description Template

Duties and responsibilities :

  1. Showing the rooms for examination for patients as well as preparing them for the physicians.
  2. Interviewing patients to get medical information and also measuring the vital signs, height and weight.
  3. Record the medical history of patients, test results and vital statistic into the medical records.
  4. Collecting laboratory specimen such as blood and prepare the specimen for testing.
  5. Set up the equipments of laboratory.
  6. Performing the sample analyses and the routine tests in the laboratory.
  7. Sterilize and clean the instruments used and dispose the contaminated supplies.
  8. Helping physicians examine and treat patients by handing the instruments and materials needed or performing tasks such as removing sutures and injection.
  9. Explaining the procedures of treatment, the medications, diets and the instructions given by physicians to patients.
  10. Preparing and administering the medications according to the instructions.
  11. Arrange schedule or appointments of patients with their doctors.
  12. Contacting the medical departments or facilities those will be used for the test or admission of the patients.
  13. Operate the medical equipments such as x-ray, EKG or electrocardiogram and the other equipments to administer tests need for diagnostic.

You can read more item in Medical Assistant job description template below, and you can also customize it to suit your real daily tasks.