Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Medical assistant is a person who perform clinical as well as administrative tasks to support the work health professionals. Usually, they will do daily tasks and routine procedures to record patients health and medication. This is position which requires patience as part of emotional evaluation for employer, usually hospitals, to hire new employees. You can read a medical assistant cover letter sample below to add more ideas of creating your own letter.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template for Word
Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Dear Sir,

Reading trough Bell Post dated December 20, 2012. I am very glad to know there is an opportunity of working in your hospital as Medical Assistant and I want to take this opportunity with a prestigious group of hospitals.

I have experience for working in the past three years in Hope Group Hospital and for personal reasons; I had to leave the previous organization. I believe that my experience and my communication skill will be a great asset for hospital.

I look forward for the further discussion regarding my experience and opportunity to work in a team in your hospital. Thank you for your time and consideration.


There is a Microsoft Word template of Medical Assistant Cover Letter that you can download below which should ease you on doing modification based on your own experience and skills.