Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Marketing and Sales can be considered similar but they are basically different. Marketing usually focuses on strategy on how to present the product and how to sell it without interacting with customers/clients directly. While sales usually focuses on how to sell to customers/clients directly. At the end, it depends on company’s policy on how to classify their sales and marketing employee and their job description.

Marketing Manager Job Description Template
Marketing Manager Job Description Template

Here are some common duties and responsibilities of Marketing Manager

  1. Accomplishing the aims and targets of the sales and marketing employees.
  2. Recruiting and selecting the human resources for the duties of sales and marketing.
  3. Training and coaching the marketing and sales human resources.
  4. Monitoring the human resources of the sales and marketing division.
  5. Discussing problems and solution with them.
  6. Disciplining the employees of the marketing and sales division.
  7. Reviewing the contributions of the employees.
  8. Disciplining the sales and marketing employees.
  9. Implementing the procedures and also policies.
  10. Creating marketing and sales planning to reach the target of the company’s sales.
  11. Dealing with the marketing and sales strategies.
  12. Accomplishing the actions for the plans.
  13. Dealing with the needed information for sales and marketing, including the product information and the standard of the customer services.
  14. Completing the auditing duties on sales and marketing.
  15. Forecasting the financial objective of the sales and marketing.
  16. Making a preparation for the annual budgets.
  17. Planning for the expenditure.
  18. Identifying the opportunity of the marketing by some ways, such like by making the identification on the requirement of consumers, markets defining, determining the strength and weakness of the competitor including the threat.
  19. Providing the complete information by doing a data collecting and analyzing, then creating the summary for the trends from the data.
  20. Protecting the values of the organization by keeping all the information to be always confidential.
  21. Maintaining a good network among the company and also consumers.
  22. Accomplishing the target of the organization, especially on marketing and sales.

You can download the Microsoft Word template below to modify job description above to meet your own company’s requirement.