Machine Operator Cover Letter Template

Machine operator is a type of job where the employee work on machine in daily bases. They could work with heavy machinery from starting the machine until the machine is fully operated. They also might work with computer-controlled equipment to make sure the machine works as expected and producing goods according to required specification without any errors. There are plenty of manufacturers around the world relying on machine operators in their line of product manufacturing. For example soft drink fabrics. Machine operators have to setup the machine to mix the water, bottle them and pack them in particular boxes automatically.

Machine Operator Cover Letter Template
Machine Operator Cover Letter Template

Sometimes, it should be bored to work on one manufacturer. And you might decide to switch company. Then, you will need to write a resume of your job. Beside resume, you also need to write an attractive cover letter. If you need a sample, you can read sample below for your reference.

Dear Mr. Johnstone:

I am writing this in order to response your company job vacancy advertisement on the company’s website for the machine operator position. I am a hard worker and be ready to work under pressure in a team or individually.

I am capable to be on that position since I am also in that position of a machine operator for two years. I have a vast experience on working as a machine operator in a mass media company. For about the two year experience as a machine operator, I have been mastering on operating the machines and do the duties on that position. Besides of that, I also have been getting a proper training for that before I am on that position. I find that my experience can fulfill the competencies needed by your company in order to be on the position of a machine operator.

I am interested in that position at your company, so just feel free to have a further discussion about this position. For the easy contact or communication to me, you can text me at John @ or call me at (0000) 123-4567.


Here is the Microsoft Word version.