Lost and Found Log Template

When you lost your item while traveling, usually you will visit lost and found counter which available in every airport or train station. There are counters that managed directly by the airport of train authorities but most of those counters are managed by airline itself as part of airline service to their passengers.n well-organized public places, those things are cultivated under good management. One of the implementation of good ‘lost and found’ management is the record which is usually called ‘Lost and Found Log’ sheet. This sheet is useful for the visitors who lost or found something to check and report. The one who lost can check whether their belongings are found; while the finder will have the place to report something they find.

Lost and Found Log generally comprises some details about each found-good; including these following:

  • the date of finding, log number,
  • found-item description,
  • carriage,
  • the finder (turn-in by),
  • the claimer which includes name and phone number,
  • the officer name
  • the release date and time
  • notes

Lost and Found Log template can be used easily once those details have been put as the column title. This log can be and should be updated so that people can draw the benefits of it.

If you need a simple lost and found log, as reference, to record any luggage or item that are being left by its owner, you can download this template. You can modify its header and put your logo before you print it.

Losing something when it is needed or precious is not something nice but those kind of thing happens sometimes. There are quite a lot of people who may have the similar experience and they may found the lost items by the help of the lost and found service. This kind of service is usually provided by the people who own public facilities such as a mall or a theme park. The purpose of the service is very obvious; it is to provide the customers with a proper service if the customers happen to forget or lost the things that their belongings while they are in the certain public facilities.

Lost and Found Log Template for Word
Lost and Found Log Template

The people who work in maintaining the lost and found section must be able to provide the best service and they can use the lost and found log. This is a special log that will keep everything that has been lost by the owners and found by other people listed and organized. This log will also keep the data of the items listed of when the items found and when being claimed by the people who say that they’re the owners. The log will keep everything under control and very easy to see and review any items those have been listed and organized in the list.

Lost and found log usually has the name of the company that runs the log and the year or month when the log being used. It also has nine columns those include the date, log number, carriage, turned in by list, claimed or phoned by list, released by list, release date and notes.